Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck

Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck is a family owned brewery founded in 1811 and located in Ingelmunster (West Vlaanderen) Belgium. The family is the owner of the Ingelmunster Castle from which the Kasteel line of beer is named.

The brewery is of medium size and produces less than 100,000 HL annually. A number of products are brewed on site:

  • Kasteel: Cuvee du Chateau, Donker, Triple, Rouge, and Blond
  • St Louis: Kreik, Framboise, Peche, Lambics and Gueuzes,
  • Brigand
  • Bacchus: Old Flemish Brown, Cherry, and Raspberry

Kasteel DonkerKasteel Donker

Donker is a Strong Dark Belgian Ale with complex flavors including chocolate, banana, licorice, spice, and dark fruit. This beer is slight sweet and the ABV is well hidden. It ages well with the flavor becoming softer and sweeter over time.

Ratebeer: 96. ABV is 11%

kasteel-tripleKasteel Tripel

The Tripel is full bodied Belgian Triple and has the distinctive aromas and flavors of this classic style. There is a good dose of spice, pepper, and citrus in the nose and flavor.

Ratebeer: 90. ABV is 11%

kasteel-rougeKasteel Rouge

The Rouge is a very interesting cherry beer and is made by mixing Kasteel Donker with cherry liqueur. As expected there is big cherry taste and it has a good dose of carbonation.  The beer is sweet but not overly so; it is neither sweet like fruit juice or sour/sweet like a Lambic kriek. A close description may be an 8% Dr Pepper.

Ratebeer: 94. ABV is 8%

Kasteel Cuvee du ChateauCuvee du Chateau

The Cuvee du Chateau is the Grand Cru of the Kasteel line. It is brewed to reflect a decade aged Donker, and is complex like the Donker but with big malt, dark fruit, and caramel flavors of a Quad. Beautifully packaging like a fine champagne.

Ratebeer: 95. ABV is 11%

Van Honsebrouck Gueuze Fond Tradition Van Honsebrouck Gueuze Fond Tradition

A highly rated, enjoyable Gueuze, the Fond Tradition brand is a blend of young and old lambic that was introduced in 1997 and continues to be produced in a traditional manner in small quantities. Crisp with notes of sour berries, green apples, and wood.

Ratebeer 94. ABV is 5%. Available in 375 ml bottles, case of 12.


Van Honsebrouck Fond Tradition KriekVan Honsebrouck Fond Tradition Kriek

The Fond Tradition Kriek is created by adding cherries to a young lambic and aging six months. It pours

a beautiful red with a pink head, and delivers boatloads of cherries in both aroma and flavor. Initially somewhat sweet with lots of fruit then finishing tart. Like the Gueuze, also small production.

Ratebeer 93. ABV is 6.5%. Available in 375 ml bottles, case of 12.


Van Honsebrouck BacchusVan Honsebrouck Bacchus

Bacchus is an Oud Bruin with more traditional soft flavors and a good balance of sweet and sour. Great for folks new to the style, flavors are dark dry fruit with wine like notes. Light and refreshing.

Ratebeer: 76. ABV is 4.5%. Available in 375ml bottles, case of 12.