Bockor Brouwerij

Located in Bellegems in West Flanders near the French border, this one hundred year old brewery is one of the few remaining family run breweries still brewing Flanders sours using traditional spontaneous fermentation and barrel aged methods.

Cuvee des Jacobins RougeCuvee des Jacobins Rouge

Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge is a Flanders Red Ale, garnet red in color with a balance of malty sweetness and acidic sharpness. The characteristics of the beer are a result of spontaneous fermentation and an 18 month aging in French oak cognac barrels. The beer has a strong aroma of oak and flavors of sour cherries, vanilla, and fruit abound.

Ratebeer 99. ABV is 5.5%

VanderGhinste Oud BruinVanderGhinste Oud Bruin

This Flanders Old Bruin was the first beer brewed by Bockor in 1892 and is a regional product that can only be brewed in Southern West-Flanders. The aroma is dark fruit and wood; the taste is characterized by a balance of fruitiness from high fermentation and a soft tartness resulting from spontaneous fermentation. Ultimately tart and refreshing.

Most recently the Oud Bruin won a silver medal in the category “Oud Bruin” at the World Beer Awards in 2013.

Note: Labeled as Bellegems Bruin in the US.

Ratebeer 87. ABV is 5.5%